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JAM Spotlight Highlights – July 2021

What we do

More complete

JAM is the leading virtual event solution for zero latency webcasting and unique participant interaction with the JAM team’s unrivalled support encompassing software, operators and studio.

More creative

Bring your virtual experience to a new : Whether in your offices, or in our studio, we create an immersive green screen studio to host your event. Our studio is designed with portability in mind – standing in a 5mx5mx2.5m footprint (perfect for most offices) and using low power LED lighting using conventional 13amp power sockets. Our three-camera setup is remotely controlled and allows us to film and cast your event in full HD cost effectively and with a small team.

More interactive

The JAM platform provides a uniquely involving experience for participants. We enable real-time voting, breakouts and a new form of digital discussion enables participants to share perspectives and feel a connection with their peers and presenters.

More immediate

At the heart of the JAM platform is our zero-latency webcast solution. While others’ solutions have 10 seconds or more of delay, JAM brings video to the participant in less than two seconds – unique for creating a connection between audience and speakers.

More supportive

Your remote presenters are supported too. Our recently launched home studio kit allows presenters to see script, slides and other presenters all through a remote controlled teleprompt system – managed by our team in the studio.
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