It’s 150 days since two people within the Crystal team first looked at creating a virtual platform with the goal of engaging audiences in a completely new way. The prototype lash-up looked like it had got dressed in the dark, could cope with 8 concurrent users and ran for about 24 minutes before its operator had to go to have a lie down. To top it all, it had a strawberry in the corner. Today, five short months later, this little skunkworks project has its own brand new website, has been accessed by participants from over 500 organisations around the world, delivered over 30 paying events and counts as its clients three Fortune 500 companies (and counting!) Today, we bring you JAM – the virtual platform that puts your audience centre stage.

People in event technology regularly cite the last few months as the most intense and fast in their careers – and for us, it’s been no different. Since the end of February, we have achieved five major milestones in JAM’s development:

  • We created video sharing that runs on our own server (no more Zoom-bombing) and allows us to remotely cue any individual’s mic and camera.
  • We developed a completely new form of electronic discussion – that has completely re-invented the way we can run Advisory Boards – “the most productive interaction I have ever had with a pharma company” according to one NHS participant in our first meeting.
  • We have built a platform that can create any number of parallel breakout groups and automatically move participants to them
  • We have implemented, for the first time, a simultaneous interpretation component within a virtual meeting platform.
  • We have found a way to bring participants, anywhere in the world, into a studio broadcast, all within the JAM platform.


The Crystal team – on furlough and full-time – have been magnificent. However, my final word goes to our partners and clients who saw so quickly the potential for JAM to re-invent their own companies, services and event programmes – and who had the courage to put it in front of clients and customers. In particular, Chris Teague, Abi Humayun and the whole team at the magnificent People Activation; Steve Quah, Andrew Harvey and the entire team at groundbreaking Cheerful Twentyfirst; Millie Pari, Lorri Jones for re-imagining agile projects through JAM at Astellas Pharma; Caoimhe Keily, Liz Sargent and the entire marketing team at Dassault Systèmes for transposing their face-to-face marketing programme onto JAM; Maria Parnham at Grexco for developing the template for virtual Advisory Boards on JAM; Daisy Crisp and the Dods team for bringing JAM to the NHS and finally our partners webMCR, Media Powerhouse and CT London for pushing the boundaries on webcasting to enable us to bring the audience centre stage.

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