Much of what we are hearing from our clients at present is their desire to move the game forward for the mid-year events. Many annual events that took place in March-June 2020 were constrained by having to move at short notice to virtual and were delivered by an industry which was still very much finding its feet. What those early events lacked in sophistication, they gained in novelty…but in 2021 the expectations of participants and meeting owners has risen and everyone is looking to raise their virtual game.


  1. Keep it simple – we hear of speakers having to use two or three different platforms to participate in a meeting – one for their video, one for the programme (which must be muted while speaking) and a third for the audience interaction. This is way too complex – organisers should work to make all of these components accessible through a single link. 
  2. Framing, lighting and positioning – we all know the basics of properly framing a speaker but still we see speakers with the sun shining from behind, we see up speakers’ noses and we see far too much of their surroundings and not enough of them in shot. In our experience, speakers are happy, eager even, for guidance on these simple matters. 
  3. The right hardware – if you are relying on your speakers to carry your show and they are speaking through a laptop webcam, with a laptop microphone then you are destined to fail. Many experienced speakers have professionalised their setups but for those that haven’t – you must consider getting proper equipment to them.
  4. Internet – we know that not everyone has super-fast broadband but we also know that many people do not make the most of what they have. A cable connection between router and laptop, all other programmes closed and all other users cajoled off the network all make a big, big difference.


But the big, missing ingredient is eye contact. Having a speaker making eye contact with the camera instead of looking at their screen or around the room completely changes the viewers’ experience of the content. We have rethought this conundrum with our home studio kit, which presents everything a speaker might need – script, slides, notes, other speakers’ video through a remote controlled teleprompter kit. Call us for a demo, or watch our video below:


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