I have witnessed more innovation in the world of events in the last year than I saw in the previous 19” – so shared one of our clients when reflecting on the first 365 days of the new events world.


As the founder of JAM, a virtual event solution born in the middle of the Covid crisis, we have been constantly challenged and inspired by customers to keep progressing the platform – last month we released a simultaneous translation module which connects professional interpreters to the platform and shares their voice over the top of the main event webcast and we have three more breakthrough innovations which will be reaching customers this spring.

But it feels like the innovation wave is still only just beginning for the events world. While many people have transitioned events online, challenges remain with the format and, when virtual and physical meet in the new era of hybrid events, the industry will encounter, and overcome, a whole new set of challenges. We will look at those in a future blog.

Starting with the challenges in pure virtual events, we have brainstormed this question with over 1000 people in the last year and the main themes to emerge are:

  1. People miss the social interaction of face to face and the current online solutions aren’t quite there yet.
  2. Speakers are struggling to work with technical complexity /no audience /shorter time slots. We must do more to raise the performance of our speakers in this new world because…
  3. Virtual events struggle to stand out when a delegate consumes the event through the same medium as they use for all their other tasks (their laptops).
  4. Organisers still struggle to convince budget holders to do something good on a dedicated platform with professional production rather than doing something homespun and “free” on Zoom.


Our most successful clients have developed ingenious ways of using JAM to overcome these challenges, using everything from virtual escape rooms to massed choirs. If you would like to hear more about how we approach these challenges, and about the JAM platform in general then please reach out.

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