I think the last 9 months prior to writing this has been the most challenging (and strangest) period of my professional life. This time last year, I was delivering two events for a corporate client in Houston and Chicago. I had lost count of the amount of flights I had jumped on a plane in 2019. This year, I can count on one hand how many times I have looked at my passport.

The pandemic has provided me and my team with a brand-new challenge in event technology delivery.  Some of you may know me and my teams’ role. My name is Joe. My team focus on driving your events technology. The biggest element of my role is the face-to-face relationship and rapport that is built on-site with clients and suppliers. From setting up our kit, to working closely with the production team in getting the most out of our technology – whilst trying not to forget the room number at my hotel!

This year, we have had to almost reinvent our working patterns and behaviours and dive into the online tools to bridge the gap the pandemic has created. No more face-to-face communication, more remote working and maintaining the client relationship as best as we can. Remote communication is not a new thing in 2020 but replacing the physical elements with new lines of communication whilst keeping the same effectiveness is new to our daily routines.

For example, on-site show communications with the client on an A/V desk has been replaced entirely by existing tools such as Unity, Google Meet & Zoom. The variety and number of kit that I pack for an event abroad has been reduced down to my laptops in a remote space. My understanding of bandwidth and firewalls is further enhanced; grasping how critical they are to successfully onboarding delegates from all industries.

Since March, we have delivered most, if not all, of our events virtually – via JAM. We have been required to adapt new skills and communicate with delegates and speakers in an entirely different way. Each year provides a challenge, and this year Crystal have collectively tackled a new one. We have learnt new technologies along the way, but one thing we can be proud of is we can still deliver a successful result for our clients. We can still engage attendees. We can still produce high quality, engaging content. We can still produce a memorable milestone.

You can now follow us on Twitter at @JamMeetings. Feel free to get in touch with me by contacting – joe.anwar@crystalinteractive.net – regarding arranging a demo!



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