2020 has seen meeting formats for all sectors change forever - and none more so than in the healthcare sector. While COVID-19 has created significant disruption to meeting programmes, it has also opened the door to rethinking medical communications.

JAM Medical has been designed specifically to enable pharmaceutical companies to connect effectively with HCPs in a fully branded, controlled virtual environment which replicates much of the way face-to-face meetings work.


JAM includes a full registration system to smoothly enrol your participants and, once recruited, give them secure access to the pre-event briefing room - where they can access content to help them participate fully in the meeting.


JAM comprises video, voice and slide sharing but its resemblance to off-the-shelf platforms ends there. We understand that managing verbal conversation with six or more people in a virtual meeting poses a tremendous challenge - none more so than when trying to engage HCPs in an advisory board. So we created a digital discussion tool to ensure people can share ideas and questions openly, review and build on each others’ ideas, and build consensus through a mixture of typed and spoken responses. Further, we have implemented breakout rooms and, uniquely in this space, simultaneous translation to ensure international virtual meetings can run as closely to their physical events as possible.


JAM provides a unique set of insights into the event performance - tracking the engagement of each attendee to build a detailed picture of the true impact of the meeting, and the learning points for future events.

Managed Service

We understand that virtual meetings is a new world for many medcomms and pharma professionals. Lean on us to manage the process and technology for you, so you can focus on the content and interaction.