Many of your clients want it all: broadcast quality presentations with new ways to connect with remote audiences, in a custom branded environment. Paired with the latest low-latency webcast technology, JAM Studio is specifically designed to give production companies, agencies and in-house production teams, already running great webcasts, a new dimension to their virtual meeting capability.


Step 1

Clients can either issue invitations themselves or use JAM’s sophisticated registration to onboard participants, issue unique passwords and manage pre-event comms. Once registered, JAM brings participants to the pre-event briefing room to consume content (videos, documents and polls).


Step 2

Participants securely enter JAM to watch your webcast, submit questions and to participate in polls, chat and online brainstorm discussions. Uniquely, JAM can access the participant camera and microphone enabling participants to be mixed into the webcast, to address questions in person to the speakers.

The speaker room is where presenters can see the real-time programme, other speakers, audience members and live questions and polls.


Step 3

Our unique measurement tools provide unparalleled insight to help assess engagement and improve the next events. Insights include analysing completion of pre-reads (down to single slides), measuring the attention span of participants and measuring engagement through participation.

All components are hosted on JAM’s secure servers - no-third-party website or SDKs so all the data is created and stays in one place.

We can help you decide on the right solution!